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    Etesia is very much a plucky outsider in the world of garden and lawn care equipment, but despite this has long been punching way above its weight. Founded twenty-five years ago and still the only French manufacturer of ride-on lawnmowers, Etesia is a relatively small company yet still manages to give the massive Japanese and American multi-nationals which dominate the industry a run for their money on a regular basis. Etesia continues to grow and today boasts operations in over thirty countries spread over five continents.

    Innovation has been the key to Etesia’s success over the company’s lifetime, with the development of the Hydro 100 in 1989 a case in point; the first the first ride-on mower with direct ejection and integrated collection, the Hydro 100 made a strong impact on the mower market and rapidly became a standard-setter. After fifteen years of exclusivity Etesia’s main competitors eventually conceded defeat and adopted a similar system, perfectly illustrating quite how far Etesia had pushed the proverbial envelope.

    It is perhaps tempting to put this over-achievement down to traditional Gallic insouciance, but the simplicity of using Etesia machines belies the hard work and dedication which has been poured into their design. Etesia’s attention to detail is particularly remarkable, with seemingly minor changes in the design of their mowers making a massive difference in terms of performance. Etesia’s Biocut® mulching mowers, for example, feature special cutting decks with a pronounced bell-shape design which improves performance and allows for cutting of long, wet grass in a manner still unmatched by almost any lawnmower on the market.

    Environmental protection and a commitment to sustainable development have also long been part of Etesia’s design philosophy, inspiring the award-winning Bio-Concept project. This vision permeates every part of Etesia’s operations, from product development through to manufacturing, and all Etesia products are designed to be as environmentally friendly as possible. This includes the development of the world’s first ride-on mower to run entirely on PVO biomass fuel, providing a glimpse of the future today.

    Part of the Outils WOLF group, known for its fifty years of experience in the world of gardening, Etesia remains dedicated to the development of new and improved lawn care products and the Etesia range now encompasses a wide variety of walk-behind and ride-on lawnmowers designed for tackling tricky lawns with the bare minimum of hassle. All Etesia products also stand out for their ruggedness, reliability and user-friendliness, making Etesia machines an ideal choice for anyone seeking a pleasing combination of convenience and high quality cutting results.