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    Haemmerlin has incredible heritage going back to 1867, when Charles Haemmerlin on the 25 October of that same year established a metal foundry and workshop in Saverne, France.

    1890 Charles built his first factory with the support of his son Georges.

    1895 Georges Haemmerlin commenced production of the first French Metallic wheelbarrow.

    1930 Georges two sons began to work in the company. Jean-Louis started to sell Haemmerlin products such as: wheelbarrows, tip-carts and tar sprayers in to new export markets, whilst Emile concentrated on modernization of the product facility. Following the end of the Second World War, the Company re-commenced deliveries throughout France and in to export markets.

    1981 Bernard Haemmerlin, the Manager of the Company, started the complete modernization of the manufacturing equipment. Today, in excess of 1 million units are manufactured and distributed throughout the world.

    On the 20th December 1985 Haemmerlin Ltd was established within the UK, introducing the Green trapezoidal tray (European pattern) a larger tray with a higher capacity.

    1987 Haemmerlin Ltd moved to the West Midlands in order to improve the distribution to all of its customers. This further enhanced its potential and further business gains were made.

    Haemmerlin quickly established itself in all sectors of the UK markets, and towards 2004 had emerged as the second brand with a share of the market of approx 24% (Chillington was the brand leader with 31% approx)

    2005 Haemmerlin was approached by the owners of Chillington Manufacturing. This company wanted to divest itself of the wheelbarrow division from its operation.  Haemmerlin had maximized its position at the quality end of the UK market and now, could add the UK market leader to its portfolio of products.

    The purchased occurred on 2nd August 2006.

    January 2007 Haemmerlin and Chillington products were all manufactured at the Walsall site.

    2008 Haemmerlin SAS, and its wholly owned subsidiary, Haemmerlin Ltd was purchased by the CDH Group.

    The CDH Group is formed by CentaureDuarib and Haemmerlin; each manufacturer is the result of extensive expertise ensuring the highest quality and meets the strictest standards to match the user’s requirements.

    With an estimated turnover of £80 million the CDH Group has consolidated as one of the largest European groups, manufacturing equipment for the building and retail markets and trading in over 50 countries; Europe, Africa, Australia and the Middle East, positioning the group as a European market leader.

    Haemmerlin Ltd. has continued to grow and develop. With one of the most comprehensive ranges, Haemmerlin provides products designed specifically for the user.

    Our emphasis is on quality, safety, durability and comfort. Coupled with a friendly, helpful and knowledgeable service, Haemmerlin Ltd. provides the UK with a range of product “second to none”.