Humble beginnings as a blacksmith marked the early years of manufacturing for Joseph Kuhn. Back in 1828 he was producing scales and weighing apparatus. By 1864, following the opening of the Paris-Strasbourg railway line, prosperous times lay ahead, new premises were purchased and a move into the manufacturing of agricultural machinery began. Based firmly in the Alsatian agricultural region, the company steadily grew over the coming decades until the Second World War. It was during this period that a partnership was formed with the Swiss company BUCHER-GUYER, leading to renewed growth and a move towards designing and building mechanised farm machinery, immediately recognised for its extremely high quality.

The 1980s saw the further expansion of the company with computer technology incorporated into every facet of the business and the inauguration of an international dealer network. The next two decades saw Kuhn grow internationally with an ever-expanding range of world-class products to the point where they were able to acquire already established businesses such as the American manufacturer Knight. To this day, the Kuhn Group continues to expand and manufacture some of the world’s finest farming and agricultural equipment with a brand that is recognised throughout the industry.