Radius Garden

The principle ‘Garden more, hurt less’ was born from the need to make gardening more comfortable and to avoid the sore wrists and blisters that have become commonplace when using the inferior quality tools. These are the motivating factors that influenced Radius GardenTM founder Bruce Baker to design and manufacture a completely new style of ergonomic garden tool, throwing the rulebook out of the window and re-thinking every aspect of every tool’s design and function. Traditional thinking requires that gardening tools be designed around the same styles we have become accustomed to, with handles and shafts that force us to use our hands and wrists in ways that cause stress and injury.

Truly ergonomic tools require a fresh approach rather than simply modifying an old design, and this is what you get with a Radius garden tool, a product developed using the most current research into physiology and tool usage; the patented Natural Radius GripTM promotes a neutral wrist position, ensuring a more comfortable gardening experience whilst the ‘O-Grip’ used on their forks and spades ensures more power is transferred into the task at hand, reducing stress and physical strain on your body. The Radius GardenTM collection includes both a professional stainless steel range of digging tools alongside a lighter weight carbon steel collection, slightly less durable but easier to use if you are no longer in the flush of youth. Most importantly of all however, is the notion that whatever your gardening need, there will be a Radius garden tool to meet it.