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    The word “roughneck” is parlance for a person whose occupation involves hard manual labour in inhospitable conditions, typically on an oil rig. These are people who are widely admired for their ability to work hard and get the job done under pressure. “Roughneck” is also a brand owned by the Olympia Tools Group which, as the name might suggest, consists of a wide variety of tough, hardwearing builders’ and contractors’ tools designed for both the DIY market and professional users. These tools are designed to stand up to regular, heavy use while ensuring superb safety and convenience, so whether or not your are living a “roughneck” lifestyle they make an exceptional purchase when faced with tough DIY and construction work.

    The Olympia Tool Group was first established in the USA in 1976, operating out of a manufacturing and distribution warehouse in the City of Industry area of Los Angeles, California. The company grew quickly, soon acquiring the rights to a number of brands, including Roughneck, and expanding into the international market. Eventually, in 2005, the UK management team purchased the intellectual property rights for Olympia Tools products in Europe and Australasia and continue to develop the business under the new name of Olympia Tools (UK) Ltd using the same business models inherited from the USA.

    The central principle of this business model is the constant drive to find new and innovative products from across the globe and to bring them to market. Olympus Tools briefs its design teams to take ordinary tools and improve them, providing a competition beating combination of traditional manufacturing techniques and groundbreaking design. The famous Gorilla Bars, for example, do everything that traditional wrecking bars do but with a low profile claw which provides better control and strength. Other innovative products include the Big MUTT (Multi-Use Tough Tool) which offers effective cutting and scraping in a variety of situations, and the single-handed Power Grip wrench, which is particularly useful when working in tight spaces.

    All products in the Roughneck range are also designed and manufactured to be superbly dependable and long lasting, and accordingly are covered by a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty to ensure peace of mind. Thus, much like the oil rig workers from which they get their name, you can trust a Roughneck to get the job done with the bare minimum of fuss.