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    Ryetec is a company run on principle, pride and passion, so nothing less that the very best will do. Ryetec specialises in sourcing and modifying high quality agricultural and gardening equipment suitable for the specific demands of the UK market, with a strong and abiding emphasis on quality of build and service. Founded in 1992 and based near Malton in North Yorkshire, the good people at Ryetec are also constantly looking to improve their existing machinery range and always research and test any new products thoroughly to ensure they meet with the company’s high standards.

    The Ryetec range consists of a variety of machines superbly suited for a range of different situations, including specialised machines for the forestry, landscape management, agricultural and conservation sectors. Products available include aerators, log splitters, flail mowers and other forestry machinery, all of which is optimised for heavy duty use. The Ryetec Eco 80 B6 vertical log splitter, for example, is widely recognised as one of the best available on the market today, delivering a full seven tons of splitting power so as to quarter large logs with a single stroke. This superb efficiency can cut your workload in half (as well as cutting logs into quarters), and will therefore save invaluable time and effort when taking on the toughest jobs.

    On top of this Ryetec is a relatively small company staffed by a well informed and dedicated team with an unbeatable understanding of the products they supply, which ensures that any machine you buy will be perfectly suited to the task for which you buy it. You can therefore rest assured that any piece of garden machinery bearing the Ryetec logo is of the highest quality imaginable and designed to provide many years of superbly dependable service.