The Buzz

Insects are estimated to have the largest combined biomass of all terrestrial animals, with up to ten quintillion (10,000,000,000,000,000,000) individual insects alive on the planet at any given time. As such, if they ever get organised enough to take over the Earth human civilisation will almost certainly crumble beneath their chitinous claws, but luckily they are mostly pretty easy to deal with in smaller numbers if you are properly forearmed. This is why we stock STV’s The Buzz; a range of products offering a variety of clever, poison-free solutions for all of your insect control needs.

The Buzz covers every eventuality, with indoor and outdoor barrier products such as food covers and insect screens, as well as a full range of traps, repellents and electronic insect killers available. Wasps and flies, for example, can be easily distracted with a baited trap designed to be irresistible to the little winged varmints, allowing you to enjoy your garden and dine al fresco in peace throughout the summer. A variety of door and window screens, meanwhile, should prevent any buzzing or stinging invertebrates from accidentally invading your home.

If an infestation should strike, however, then fret not as The Buzz has you covered on this front too. Assorted adhesive fly paper strips and fly sticks, for instance, will quickly catch any airborne bugs in the vicinity, including mosquitoes, midges and other biting insects. There are also glue traps designed to kill flies, wasps, cockroaches, spiders, earwigs and other creepy crawlies found around the home, while a non-lethal spider repellent spray is available for those of us who prefer not to hurt spiders but would still rather not share our bathrooms with a hairy arachnid.

For an even more dramatic method of dispatching pesky flying critters you could always try one of STV’s various bug zappers, which use a UV light to attract insects before crispifying them with the power of electricity. Needless to say this ensures that you can work and/or relax in peace, save the occasional tiny “zap” as a midge meets its end, but if you want to take the battle to your tiny nemeses then you could always arm yourself with one of the various fly swatters or bug bats (handheld bug zappers designed to look like a tennis racket so that you can pretend to be Andy Murray while dispatching errant mosquitoes) also included in STV’s range. No matter what these minuscule monsters might attempt, then, with the help of our pest control products you can enjoy your home and garden safe in the knowledge that The Buzz guarantees a bug-free zone.