Westland Garden Health

It is, by now, a truism that a nutritious diet is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Our bodies need vitamins, minerals and all sorts of other things in order to keep working properly. The same is true of our gardens. And just as we might take vitamin and mineral supplements in order to make sure we get the nutrients we need in our diets, sometimes a garden needs a little help in order to make sure it grows strong and healthy. Thankfully, the Westland Garden Health range includes everything you could possibly require to meet your garden’s nutritional needs.

The good people at Westland Horticulture are the dieticians of the horticultural world. Since its early days of producing compost, Westland has developed its products based upon a profound understanding of what lawns and gardens need in order to thrive. This has led to Westland Garden Health becoming one of the most popular and recognisable horticultural brands around, and Westland’s products are available for purchase online and in independent garden centres, large retailers and most supermarkets across the UK.

Westland is best known for its wide range of market leading gardening products, including growing media, lawn treatments, lawn seed, plant food, pest control, fungicides, weed killers and mulches, all of which are guaranteed to bring more life to your garden. The Aftercut Even-Flo range, for example, includes a variety of lawn care products including 3-Day Green (formulated to feed and condition lawns for a greener, stronger and healthier lawn in just three days), Lawn Thickener (a lawn feed with added grass seed), Patch Fix (a unique blend of grass seed, feed and seeding soil designed to fix lawn patches quickly and effectively) and All-in-One (a multi-action lawn treatment that kills weeds and moss as well as feeding and conditioning the lawn, providing greener grass in just seven days).

The Aftercut Even-Flo range has also received recognition for its clever packaging design, with a dispersing ball device fitted within the nozzle to allow the user to spread the granules evenly with ease. According to the judges at the UK Packaging Awards, the pack “made life just that little bit easier” for customers who like to look after their lawns, so you can be assured of superb convenience with Westland products. Moreover, as the people at Westland are passionate about gardening they like to share their know-how and if you head over to www.gardenhealth.com you will find a host of helpful tips and advice about every aspect of garden care, as well as information about the Westland products which you can use to help turn your garden into a personal paradise.