Zero In

Even the most wildlife-loving among us would probably prefer not to share our houses with a colony of ants and there are few things more likely to disturb a relaxing bath than the sight of a spider abseiling towards you on a fine thread of silk. As such you will probably want some way of keeping the world’s 10,000,000,000,000,000,000 plus creepy crawly creatures out of your home. STV’s Zero In range (notice the pun) will serve you well in that case, with a variety of products available which target household pests, including flies, cockroaches, fleas and ants, to protect you and your household from entomological emergencies.

We’ll begin with the little winged varmints which sometimes turn up uninvited in your home. Flies, wasps and mosquitoes can be quickly dispatched with a handy can of fly spray, but there are also a number of longer lasting treatments, window stickers and insect killers available for enduring protection. Wasps are obviously a particularly unwelcome problem around the home, particularly if a nest full of the stripy critters suddenly pops up on your property. In such cases, however, STV’s nest killer powders and foam sprays will rectify the problem in just a few applications (just be careful when you use them, especially in areas where children and pets play).

Somewhat less sinister but just as annoying are clothes moths, which if you aren’t vigilant can haunt your wardrobe and damage valuable woollens. Nevertheless, with a variety of repellent hangers, killer sprays and aromatic cedar wood moth balls available you should be able to keep your garments un-nibbled and your wardrobe moth-free with only minimal effort. Creepy crawlies such as ants, cockroaches, woodlice and earwigs, furthermore, can be tackled efficiently with STV’s various bug killing sprays and powders, while dual-action ant bait traps mean you can also set out defences against ongoing infestations. A similar variety of products are available for dealing with fleas (one of the unfortunate inevitabilities of cat or dog ownership), with the traditional range of powders and sprays supplemented by clever flea-killing lamp traps and combs. Bed bugs and carpet beetles, meanwhile, are easily controlled using a variety of upholstery-friendly sprays, strips and traps.

With a cupboard full of Zero In products, then, the world’s bugs, insects, arachnids and arthropods will only be able to stare in at your cosy home from the outside, allowing you to go about your daily life free from invertebrate molestation.