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Essential tools for any dedicated gardener, line trimmers (also known as grass trimmers and strimmers) and brushcutters allow you to put the finishing touches on an immaculately manicured lawn by clearing long grass and dense undergrowth from areas that cannot be easily accessed with a conventional lawnmower. Traditionally composed of a shaft with an engine at the rear end to serve as a counterbalance for the cutting equipment (thereby ensuring ease of handling), line trimmers and brushcutters are designed for tasks such as cutting long grass next to fencing or around pots, clearing undergrowth from neglected areas and even removing semi-mature scrub growing on rough ground.

Although similar in many ways, there are some important differences between grass trimmers and brushcutters and petrol strimmers. The shafts on line trimmers, for example, are usually bent at the cutting end to make it easier to trim around ornaments, while brushcutters feature straight shafts for optimal power transfer when cutting through tough undergrowth. Line trimmers and brushcutters also differ in terms of the cutting equipment they use. Petrol strimmers usually use a nylon line cutting head to trim back the long grass and weeds found in most domestic gardens. Grass cutters can use a nylon line too but can also be fitted with tough metal blades for tackling dense undergrowth and other thick vegetation, thereby allowing you to adapt the cutting gear to the particular task at hand.

Another important consideration is how you are going to power your machine, with electric and petrol strimmers both commonly available. As a general rule electric trimmers are designed for domestic use and are thus a little less powerful than some of the more heavy duty brushcutters (corded machines in particular are best used in smaller gardens where access to a mains power source shouldn’t be a problem). These days, however, modern lithium ion batteries mean that there are also powerful cordless electric brushcutters available, which are perfect for contractors working in busy urban areas due to their quiet, emission-free performance.

Petrol brushcutters are similarly varied, ranging from lighter machines with engines around the 25cc mark to professional beasts which boast twice as much power and clear even the densest scrub with ease. Some models of petrol lawn strimmers will also accept additional attachments such as hedgetrimmers, pruners and saw blades, allowing you to take on a greater variety of trimming work with one machine, while various ergonomic features such as tap-and-go trimmer heads and quick-loading line systems make trimming work less of a chore. Whatever your particular needs, however, a quick browse through our extensive range of trimmers and brushcutters is sure to turn up something which fits the bill.