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Brushcutters and grass trimmers are among the most essential tools for any gardener, enabling quick and efficient clearance of long grass, weeds and scrub which conventional lawnmowers simply can’t handle. Everyone from the humblest domestic horticulturalist to the busiest professional landscaper will therefore have something to gain from perusing our range of brushcutter & trimmer accessories, which includes a variety of consumables, equipment and tools to help you to get the most out of your machine.

The most basic items in this range are the essential bits and pieces that everyone who owns a line trimmer or brushcutter will need at some point, such as replacement cutting lines, alternate trimmer heads and two-stroke oil mixing bottles. It might be tempting to overlook this kind of stuff until it becomes absolutely unavoidable, but having spares and replacements to hand will ensure hassle-free trimming in the long run with no need for emergency trips to the garden centre. Similarly essential if you are running a cordless machine are the spare batteries and chargers that we sell. Buying a spare battery is particularly vital if you are planning to use your electric trimmer for prolonged periods of time, allowing you to set one charging while the other is in use and then switch between the two as and when required (though we also sell long-lasting battery backpacks for professional users taking on the heaviest workloads).

Another important class of accessories for users of brushcutters and grass trimmers is protective equipment. The accessories and work wear in our range will help ensure that you use your brushcutter safely at all times, with equipment available for every situation. Even casual home gardeners using a lightweight electric trimmer will want to make sure they protect their eyes with a pair of safety goggles, for instance, while supportive shoulder straps and harnesses are a must have for anyone using their machine for any significant length of time. Professional users, meanwhile, will want to invest in durable protective gear so that even the most challenging tasks can be completed in safety.

By far the most exciting accessories available, however, are the various attachments that we sell for our machines. This includes brushcutter blades, chainsaw-style pruners, hedgetrimmer attachments and circular saw blades, allowing you to use your brushcutter for a wide range of tasks in a variety of settings. So whether you are a home gardener looking for some spare nylon line or a professional contractor considering a sideline in some light arboreal work, our range of grass trimmer and brushcutter accessories will have something for you to get excited about.