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Browse our range of top-notch strimmer parts and accessories. At Lawnmowers Direct, we carry replacement parts, protective equipment, attachments and more for strimmers made by leading manufacturers. With us, you’re sure to find the strimmer parts and accessories you need, at an affordable price.


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Brush cutters and grass trimmers quickly and efficiently deal with long grass, weeds and scrub which lawnmowers simply can’t reach or handle. They are essential tools for any gardener. That’s why we carry a range of strimmers, as well a range of strimmer accessories and parts.

Essential items in our range of strimmer accessories and parts include replacement cutting lines, alternate trimmer heads, and two-stroke oil-mixing bottles (or, if you have a cordless machine, spare batters and battery chargers). 

We also carry protective equipment to keep you safe while you work in the garden. Casual home gardeners using a lightweight electric trimmer will want to make sure they protect their eyes with a pair of safety goggles, for instance, while supportive shoulder straps and harnesses are a must-have for anyone using their machine for a significant period of time. Professional users, meanwhile, will want to invest in durable protective gear so that even the most challenging tasks can be completed in safety.

And, of course, our range of strimmer accessories and parts includes attachments that allow you to use your strimmer for a wide range of tasks and in a variety of settings. So whether you’re a home gardener looking for some spare nylon line or a professional contractor considering a sideline in some light arboreal work, our range of strimmer accessories and parts is bound to have something for you to get excited about.