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Browse our wide range of quality brush cutters from leading brands including Stihl, Husqvarna and Echo. We stock brush cutters suitable for every garden type and price range.


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The best machines for clearing large areas of scrub, undergrowth or thick grass are brush cutters, which as such are a vital part of the horticultural panoply for amateur and professional gardeners alike. 

This is because the straight shaft of a brush cutter permits use of a metal blade, which in turn enables trimming of mature undergrowth and woody vegetation that would be impossible to clear with the nylon line of a grass strimmer

Here at Lawnmowers Direct, we have brush cutters for every occasion so all you need to do is pick out the machine best suited to your particular requirements.

A good place to start with this is the engine size, with the petrol brush cutters that we carry ranging from 20cc to more than 50cc. The machines at the lighter end of this scale will handle all domestic trimming requirements with ease while also being very user-friendly, so homeowners should begin by perusing our “Up to 25cc” range. Professional users, meanwhile, may require the extra power offered by a heavy-duty brush cutter, particularly if it will be used for a prolonged period of time during extensive clearance jobs. 

Alternatively you may wish to dispense with the hassle and expense of running a petrol machine altogether and instead invest in one of our various cordless brush cutters. Thanks to modern lithium-ion batteries, these machines are now easily a match for their petrol equivalents – but with the added advantage of being quiet and clean running (making them perfect for use in busy residential areas).

The type of handlebars on the machine that you choose is also important. Loop handle brush cutters, for instance, offer great control for spot clearance work or when working in a tight space. Machines with wide-grip or bicycle-style handlebars, meanwhile, are much better for tackling heavy workloads in large open areas where cutting with a side-to-side scything motion will speed up the clearance process considerably. Most brush cutters are also supplied with either a single-shoulder strap or a full-body harness to take the strain out of your back while you work, so if you will be using yours for extended periods this is something to look out for.

In addition to the nylon line trimmer heads and metal brush cutter blades used by most brush cutters, some are also compatible with attachments including hedge trimmers, pruners and saw blades, allowing you to take on a greater variety of trimming work with one machine. If such versatility appeals then you should also take a look at our brush cutter accessories to see which brush cutters are compatible with which tools before you make your initial purchase.

Browse our full range of top quality brush cutters from reputable brands and order online for free UK delivery. For more help selecting the right lawn mower for your needs, read our brush cutter buying guide or get in touch with one of our garden machinery experts.