Cordless Brushcutters

The brushcutter has long been a staple of horticulture, providing amateurs and professionals alike with a quick and effective method of clearing long grass, dense undergrowth and thick scrub with the minimum of hassle. Due to their often noisy two-stroke petrol engines, however, they have also long been a source of neighbourly strife (nobody likes being woken up on a Sunday morning by the sound of someone trimming the nettles, after all). This is before we even touch upon the toxic exhaust fumes given off by petrol-burning machines, which are at least as bad for the person operating the brushcutter as they are for the environment, or the hassle and expense of refuelling.

Until recently, however, those looking for an efficient way of tackling tough trimming work had little choice but to put up with the noise, fumes and expense which came as part and parcel of the brushcutter experience. Electric brushcutters were simply impractical. Corded machines, for example, meant that you could only work in areas with access to a mains power source (or trailing a mass of extension cords behind you, which was as dangerous as it was inconvenient). Batteries, meanwhile, simply weren’t powerful enough to deliver results in any way comparable to those produced by petrol brushcutters.

Now though we have powerful lithium ion batteries which offer a perfect lightweight, high energy density power source for a variety of consumer products (including everything from electronic cigarettes to electric cars). This futuristic technology means that we also have a viable alternative to old petrol-burning brushcutters, with modern cordless machines offering outstanding cutting power and convenient portability along with quiet, user-friendly, fume-free performance. Their quick-charging, long lasting batteries even eliminate the need to stop and refuel, as with a spare to hand you can set one to charge while the other powers your machine. In short, when it comes to battery powered brushcutters, the future is upon us.

Perfect for either home gardeners or professional users, these hi-tech machines are more than capable of competing with their old-fashioned two-stroke cousins but do so without any of the drawbacks associated with petrol burning machines. This makes our cordless brushcutters ideal for use in built up urban or residential environments, allowing you to work for as long as you like without choking on exhaust fumes or causing simmering resentment among neighbours and other bystanders. Most importantly, however, they offer a stress-free way of clearing even the most challenging areas of weeds and scrub in your garden. What more could you possibly want?