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Browse our range of cordless brush cutters and accessories. Lightweight, powerful and convenient, our cordless brush cutters are perfect for home gardeners or professional users, and come with quick-charging, long-lasting batteries. We carry top-notch cordless brush cutters by leading garden equipment manufacturers including Honda and Stihl.


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    There was a time when cordless brush cutters were considered to be inefficient and more trouble than they were worth. They would run out of juice before much work was complete. However, with advances in Lithium-ion technology, these machines are now capable of running for longer, and provide the same level of power as petrol or electric brush cutters. 

    Moreover, they come with several distinct advantages. Cordless brush cutters are quieter and more economical than their petrol versions. Nor do they pollute. And unlike their electric versions, they don’t need to be constantly plugged in, making them more practical. Plus, they’re remarkably easy to use. 

    The above reasons are why cordless brush cutters are ideal for use in residential neighbourhoods. If you’re having trouble figuring out which one is right for you, then make sure you view our guide on the best cordless brush cutters.