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Although they may look similar to their slighter cousins, brushcutters are designed to tackle significantly tougher trimming work than a grass trimmer. The increased clout of these machines makes light work of clearing overgrown areas of everything from tall grass to dense undergrowth and persistent weeds. Available with a range of engine sizes, petrol powered brushcutters also allow the operator the freedom to work without worrying about cables or restricted work time, unlike electric or battery operated machines. The specific brushcutter for you, however, will depend upon the work for which you need it.

For the vast majority of domestic trimming work a brushcutter with an engine up to 25cc in capacity will be more than sufficient. Most (if not all) models come with both a nylon line trimmer head and a tough metal brushcutter blade; the former of these is best for clearing patches of long, thick grass quickly and efficiently in areas inaccessible to a conventional lawnmower, while switching to the latter will make cutting even dense scrub simple. The principal advantage of a smaller engine, other than price, is that these models are typically lighter and more manoeuvrable than their commercial grade cousins. This means they are much easier to operate for less experienced users, so clearing unwanted undergrowth from your garden will be pleasingly straightforward with one of these machines.

The next step up from these lightweight machines are brushcutters with engines between 25cc and 35cc. These are suitable for intensive domestic or occasional commercial use, providing increased cutting power when dealing with heavy workloads. They are thus perfect for owners of large properties where periodic maintenance of pastures and parkland are necessary, combining the clout required to power through dense scrub with the precision needed for trimming in more formal areas.

The biggest brushcutters, ranging from 35cc to more than 50cc, are designed specifically for professional users. You’ll only need a machine of this kind if you are taking on very tough trimming work in hostile environments, such as preparing large areas of scrubland for development. One important consideration with these more powerful brushcutters is whether you will be using it for prolonged periods of time, as many models feature clever ergonomic features to help ensure your comfort and safety under such circumstances. Some can also be used with optional accessories such as hedgetrimmers, pruners and saw blades, allowing you to take on a wider variety of trimming jobs with a single machine. Whatever your requirements, however, there is bound to be something in our extensive range perfect for your brush-cutting needs.