Brushcutters 25cc to 35cc

Our powerful mid-range brushcutters are suitable for sustained periods of intensive use, making them particularly useful for owners of large properties which require periodic maintenance of pastures and parkland. Perfectly at home when used to clear mature undergrowth such as nettles and brambles, the balance between power and control that these hardworking machines provide means they are also suitable for jobs that need a little more finesse in more formal parts of the garden. Amateur and professional users alike will thus find these 25 to 35cc brushcutters more than up to the job, whether that is maintaining an orchard or meadow on private land or clearing scrubland for development.

These 25 to 35cc brushcutters are considered ‘mid-range’, providing a balance between clout and precision that larger machines struggle to match. Any of these brushcutters will therefore be able to tackle all but the toughest scrub and undergrowth, with a dual nylon line trimmer head (best for long grass, nettles and weeds) and a brushcutter blade (for tougher brush and dense brambles) typically supplied as standard with every machine. Some, however, are also compatible with additional accessories such as hedgetrimmer attachments and saw blades, so if versatility appeals you might want to look out for the accessories available for different models before you make your choice.

Another important consideration is the kind of handle on the brushcutter you pick. Loop handle models, for example, offer great control when spot trimming after mowing or when working in tight corners. For trimming in the open, on the other hand, a brushcutter with a dual handlebar arrangement (sometimes referred to as “cow horn”, “bicycle” or “U-style” handles) will deliver a wider scything motion for quick and efficient clearance of large areas of long grass and scrub. Most models will also come with a harness or shoulder strap as standard, while some boast adjustable handles, both of which are handy features if you will be working with your brushcutter for prolonged periods. Similarly convenient are the variety of ergonomic features (such as vibration dampening systems and “tap and go” trimmer heads) with which many models are equipped, allowing you to work in complete comfort while ensuring great results.

Whatever your requirements, our range includes an impressive range of brushcutters made by some of the most respected names in the industry, such as Honda, Efco and Husqvarna, so there will undoubtedly be something perfect for you in there; the only challenge is picking the right one! We’re more than happy to help you with this choice, however, so if you need any more help please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team.