Brush Cutters Over 35cc

Browse our range of large petrol brush cutters with engines larger than 35 cc here. These powerful, hard-working machines are the perfect choice for professional gardeners, groundskeepers and landscapers. Choose from leading brands including Echo, Efco and Husqvarna. Receive free engine oil when you buy your petrol brush cutter from us.


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    What kind of machine would you want by your side if faced with long days transforming an overgrown wilderness into a tidy paddock? How about a machine that allows you to work safely, quickly and efficiently while producing professional quality results every time? Our range of heavy-duty brush cutters over 35cc are designed for the toughest jobs and unbeatable reliability.

    Designed to enable swift clearance of woody undergrowth, dense scrub and large areas of long grass, these machines are ideal for professional contractors, landscapers and gardeners. Our range includes brush cutters made by world-class manufacturers, so you know you will be getting plenty of bang for your buck. In fact, these hard-working brush cutters often boast engine capacities that exceed 50cc, so they should only be operated by experienced users.

    One important consideration when investing in a professional brush cutter is the kind of environment in which you will be working. Machines with a loop handle are manoeuvrable and precise, making them perfect for use in tight spaces or when spot trimming. Dual handlebar “cow horn-style” brush cutters, meanwhile, enable a wide scything motion perfect for efficiently clearing long grass and scrub in large open areas. The very toughest jobs on particularly treacherous terrain may even demand use of a backpack brush cutter which, by mounting the engine on a supportive harness, permit complete freedom of movement when traversing rough or uneven ground.

    Another advantage of a backpack brush cutter over 35cc is ease of operation – especially when using your machine for prolonged periods. Even most non-backpack models are supplied with a supportive shoulder harness of some kind which helps to prevent strain while you work. Other ergonomic features commonly found on these machines include semi-automatic “tap and go” line feed systems and quick-loading trimmer heads, anti-vibration devices, dust filtration systems and quick starting engines, all of which work to make challenging horticultural work a much less arduous experience.

    Finally, you also need to pick your machine based upon the cutting equipment available. Most of our heavy-duty professional brush cutters come with a nylon line trimmer head and a brush cutter blade as standard, offering pleasing versatility when faced with areas of mixed vegetation. But the extra power, thicker shafts and sturdy drive spindles of these machines means that they will also run any type of cutting head available, so they are regularly equipped with an optional saw blade and used as clearance saws by forestry workers. It is this combination of versatility, power and convenience which sets the bar when it comes to effective scrub clearance tools.

    Want more information about our range before you make your purchase? Read our petrol brush cutter buying guide or get in touch with one of our garden machinery experts to discuss heavy duty strimmers or similar topics.