Brushcutters Up To 25cc

A brushcutter is an essential part of any gardener’s tool set, providing a quick and simple method of clearing long grass and weeds from areas inaccessible to conventional lawnmowers. But with so many brushcutters available on the market these days, how is one supposed to know which is the best machine for the job? But despair not, dear friends! Here at Lawnmowers Direct we have both horticultural know-how and brushcutters in abundance, so we know our brush-cutting onions and we’re more than happy to offer a little advice.

For most domestic applications a brushcutter with an engine up to 25cc in capacity will get the job done nicely. Machines of this size are generally comfortable to use due to their lightweight design and great manoeuvrability, making them perfect for less experienced operators. This type of brushcutter is best used with a nylon trimming line for the majority of tasks, such as trimming back long grass, nettles and weeds, but when dense scrub or undergrowth needs to be cleared most are also capable of working with a metal blade (so make sure to check the equipment supplied as standard with the machine you are purchasing if you think you will need both).

Another important consideration when purchasing a domestic brushcutter is the type of handle it has, with loop handle and “bicycle-style” dual handlebar models the most common styles available. Loop handle brushcutters, for instance, offer great control for spot clearance work or when working in tight spaces. Brushcutters with loop handles are therefore particularly well suited to use in smaller domestic gardens or in other areas where precision is a priority. Dual handlebar brushcutters (sometimes referred to as featuring “U-style”, “cow horn-style” or “bicycle-style” handlebars), on the other hand, allow you to work using a side-to-side scything motion, making them ideal for more extensive clearance jobs.

Most of the brushcutters in our range also incorporate a number of ergonomic features into their design. One common example of this is the semi-automatic “tap and go” trimmer heads found on many models, allowing you to advance the cutting line by simply tapping the head against the ground, while some also boast a quick-loading mechanism which lets you to reload the nylon line effortlessly. Others are compatible with optional accessories such as hedgetrimmer attachments, allowing you to tackle additional tasks around the garden. All of these features are designed to maximise convenience and utility, so any of our high quality brushcutters should serve your horticultural needs well, but if you need any further advice then please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail our sales team with your questions.