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When you’ve finished mowing your lawn you’ll often be left with a few rough edges which spoil the overall appearance of your garden. This is because there are some areas of grass that even the most manoeuvrable lawnmower won’t be able to reach. Worry not, however, as these are the natural realm of the line trimmer; designed for tidying up along fence lines and around pots, trees and ornaments, these machines feature bent shafts to permit close control of the cutting head and precise trimming at all times. For a truly immaculate finish in your garden, then, a grass trimmer is a must have piece of kit.

The nylon cutting line these machines use is designed to cut grass and not the tougher undergrowth for which petrol brushcutters with metal blades are built. This being the case, the line trimmer is the ultimate tool for any garden free of heavy undergrowth and which only requires relatively light maintenance of long grass and borders. But with so many manufacturers and models available it can be difficult to know which grass trimmer will be best for you. There are, however, a few important factors to take into account when making this choice, the first and foremost of which is your preferred power source; petrol or electricity.

Electric grass trimmers can be subdivided into cordless and corded machines. Corded grass trimmers plug into the mains, so they are ideal for trimming and edging smaller gardens. Corded trimmers are also probably the easiest to use, as all you need to do is plug in and set to work. In larger gardens, however, you will need something a little more mobile. Cordless battery powered trimmers fill this niche nicely, giving you the freedom to move around without having to worry about extension cords or accidentally cutting through cables. The hi-tech rechargeable batteries used by these machines provide more than enough run time and clout to tackle most routine domestic trimming, though you may need to buy a spare battery if taking on heavier workloads.

An excellent alternative under these circumstances is to use a petrol grass trimmer. Although a little noisier than their electric brethren (and thus less suitable for use in residential areas if you want to avoid disturbing your neighbours), these machines do offer the mobility and power required to take on more extensive areas of long grass and weeds. Petrol powered trimmers are thus commonly used by more experienced operators, but with most models boasting a variety of ergonomic features (including some very handy “tap and go” line feed systems) even amateur users will soon find themselves trimming like a pro.