Bosch Grass Trimmers

Grass trimmers are essential tools for any dedicated gardener, as they allow you to put the finishing touches on a perfectly mowed lawn by clearing long grass and weeds from areas that cannot be easily accessed with your conventional lawnmower.

You’ll have no trouble working in smaller spaces thanks to the Bosch UniversalGrassCut 18-260 Cordless Grass Trimmer. This lightweight and affordable battery tool is perfect for home use, offering excellent cutting performance and convenient handling.

The Bosch GFR 42 Professional stands out from the competition with its impressive battery life of up to 60 minutes of run time on a single charge, and re-charging to full capacity in only 42 minutes. Thanks to its advanced technology, this grass trimmer allows you to work in noise-sensitive areas without causing a disturbance.

An essential part of the Bosch Professional tool system is the Bosch AL 36100 CV Professional Battery Charger, which can reach an impressive 80% charge level in only 30 minutes and 100% in 42 minutes, allowing you to keep your GBA 36V/6.0Ah Professional batteries charged and ready to go.

For your convenience, the Bosch Power For All 18V range of batteries can be used with any of Bosch’s 18V grass trimmers.