Bosch Electric Strimmers & Grass Trimmers

Browse our range of Bosch electric strimmers. They are suitable for homeowners and garden maintenance professionals alike, and are ideal for cutting a range of grass types, from high and hard grass in meadows to the unruly corners of your garden.


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    Bosch is synonymous with quality, and our range is no exception. These Bosch electric strimmers are packed with features designed to make cutting grass a pleasure.

    The ART 35 is a corded Bosch electric strimmer. It comes with a toughened cutting line and 600W motor that provides powerful performance, making it ideal for tackling heavily overgrown areas. It’s ergonomically designed, and the weight is distributed to ensure easy manoeuvrability. 

    The AHS 45-16 is an exceptionally lightweight hedge cutter, weighing only 2.6kg. It’s easy to use, well-balanced, and powerful. It’s ideal for a homeowner looking to tackle garden shrubs.

    The AHS 50-16 is another hedge cutter that is lightweight yet powerful. It weighs 2.7kg, boasts a powerful 450W motor, and has a 50cm blade. It’s more than capable of tackling medium-sized hedges or shrubs.

    If you’re not sure which one is right for you, then do check out our buying guide on the best electric brush cutters and grass strimmers. And if you have any questions about our range of Bosch electric strimmers, then please do contact us.