Petrol Grass Trimmers

With our petrol strimmers and grass trimmers, you have the power and precision to trim parts of your garden that your lawnmower simply can’t. Neaten edges and tidy your garden so that not even a blade of grass sticks out of place! We carry the finest petrol grass trimmers and strimmers by leading manufacturers like Ariens and Echo.


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Petrol strimmers and grass trimmers are ideal for maintaining large gardens where long grass can become a problem (as is often the case in orchards, paddocks and meadows). Because they are light and manoeuvrable, they make light work out of taming overgrown grass and weeds.

Petrol grass trimmers are often fitted with 25cc engines, which is plenty enough for clearing long grass in any domestic garden. The positioning of the engine serves as a counterweight to ensure a well-balanced design. They are also equipped with a loop handle midway down the shaft to offer control and precision. This is essential when working in tucked-away parts of the garden, or trimming alongside walls or around precious plants and ornaments. 

Many petrol strimmers also boast a range of clever ergonomic features to make garden maintenance far more comfortable for you. These include a quick-start ignition, anti-vibration mechanisms, and automatic ‘tap and go’ trimmer heads. We also carry walk-behind wheeled petrol grass trimmers, such as the Ariens Petrol Lawn Edger and the Portek RufCut Wheeled Heavy Duty Strimmer. They combine the stability and power of a lawnmower with the versatility of a strimmer. 

If you’re unsure which one is right for you, then make sure you check out our guide on the best petrol grass trimmers