Petrol Grass Trimmers

Maintaining large gardens with extensive borders and other areas where long grass can become a problem (e.g., orchards, paddocks and meadows) may require a little assistance from a petrol line trimmer. Petrol grass trimmers are light and manoeuvrable enough to ensure that even heavier workloads don’t become unnecessarily arduous, while also delivering enough cutting power to make light work of taming overgrown grass and weeds. A high quality grass trimmer is therefore an essential part of every serious gardener or professional contractor’s tool set.

Petrol grass trimmers are normally fitted with engines approximately 25cc in capacity, which is plenty enough clout for clearing long grass in any domestic garden, though some more powerful machines are available for professional use. Petrol line trimmers are also equipped with a loop handle midway down the shaft, offering far better control over the trimmer head than the wider bicycle-style handlebars of more powerful machines. This precision is essential when trimming alongside walls or around precious plants and ornaments, or when working in tucked away parts of the garden. The positioning of the engine at the rear end of the shaft further improves handling, serving as a counterweight to ensure a well-balanced design.

The best grass trimmer for you will depend upon the work you are intending to do, with engine size and cutting swathe important factors to consider. Many grass trimmers also boast a range of clever ergonomic features to make routine horticultural chores less of a grind. These include semi-automatic “tap and go” trimmer heads, quick-starting ignition systems and anti-vibration mechanisms. All of these help to make trimming long grass quick, efficient and satisfying, so investigating the different features on competing machines is a good way to make a choice if you are unsure which trimmer might best suit your needs.

Another slightly different option for those looking for professional quality results is to invest in a walk-behind wheeled trimmer, which combines the stability and power of a lawnmower with a grass trimmer’s ability to quickly tackle long, thick grass and other vegetation which would trouble a conventional mower. In addition to all of this some grass trimmers are also compatible with a variety of optional accessories including pruners, hedge trimmers, mini-tillers and lawn edgers. This fantastic versatility makes these machines ideal for professional landscapers and contractors, though private users and allotment societies will also undoubtedly appreciate the convenience of being able to take on a variety of tasks with the same tool.