Wheeled Strimmers & Trimmer Mowers

Browse our wheeled strimmers, made by quality brands like Portek. They provide up to five times the power of a standard garden line trimmer, but come with the same degree of manoeuvrability and precision. With our wheeled strimmers, it’s easy to make light work of nettles and long grasses or to trim undergrowth in areas that are difficult to reach.


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    Trimmer mowers are neat and handy machines that make mowing awkward areas a relatively simple task. They are ideal for smallholders or for garden maintenance professionals, and can easily tidy up orchards, fences, riverbanks and areas between closely spaced objects. Generally speaking, trimmer mowers have a heavy-duty nylon line that rotates on a spool at the front of the machine. This line cleanly cuts through grass, nettles and thick vegetation that’s been left to grow unruly. 

    For more information on grass wheeled trimmers, view our buying guide. And if you’re looking to regularly manage rough grass growth, then view our guide to rough grass and field mowers to know what device is right for you.