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    Petrol chainsaws require a mix of petrol and engine oil to ensure they work properly. You user manual will explain how much oil and how much petrol you need; just use a two-stroke mixing bottle to combine the two liquids. A two-stroke engine is more powerful and lighter weight than a four stroke, and can also work at any orientation, making it perfect for smaller hand held tools. The chainsaw oil you use in combination with your petrol is absolutely vital because it will prevent the motor from overheating.

    The other type of oil you will need as a chainsaw operator is to keep the chain lubricated. This is necessary whether you have a petrol, electric, or a cordless chainsaw. It is incredibly important that you use a chainsaw oil or lubricant designed specifically for use on chains. These chainsaw oils help provide smooth operation and prevent unnecessary chain wear. If you use the wrong type of product (for example engine rather than chain oil) you can considerably shorten the life of your chain and bar guide, meaning more frequent servicing and replacement parts are needed. While some manufacturers might recommend that you use their own brand, there is not a specific requirement to use any particular chainsaw oil with any product; so long as you have selected one which is intended to chain lubrication it should work perfectly.

    Many chainsaws come with a built in reservoir to easily add chain lubrication, although some don’t. You will need to check to find out how you lubricate the chain on your particular model. This lubricant will ensure that the chain doesn’t snag and continues to run as smoothly and consistently as it did when it was brand new. The right chainsaw oil will keep the machine in good working order, maximising both safety and efficiency and making for an altogether better experience.