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    No matter how experienced you are at using a chainsaw or how good your technique might be, one slip is all that is required for an accident to occur. When operating a chainsaw, safety is therefore an absolute priority. No self-respecting professional forester would set to work without wearing full chainsaw safety clothing, for example, and even those using smaller domestic saws need to ensure that they are properly equipped before attempting any cutting. Our extensive range of chainsaw safety equipment will provide everything you need to stay protected while you work though, regardless of whether you are felling trees out in the forest or just chopping some firewood for the log pile.

    If you are buying a saw for the first time you should take a moment to consider what kind of safety accessories you might need. The minimum equipment recommended for even light domestic cutting work is a helmet with eye protection, ear defenders and chainsaw resistant gloves. This will help protect against some of the most common accidents associated with chainsaw use, though you must also make sure that you are completely familiar with how to operate your machine before setting to work. Additional protective equipment recommended for less experienced users includes trousers or chaps with chainsaw protection along the legs, along with tough chainsaw boots to help keep your feet safe.

    We also stock a range of protective gear designed specifically for professionals, however, including work wear featuring durable protection in vulnerable areas, high visibility panels for working in poor light and flexible fabric so that you can move with complete freedom whatever the circumstances might be. In addition to this we have chainsaw hooks and strops designed to aid those working at heights, along with a variety of high quality saw horses which offer significant benefits when cutting logs, ensuring safety by boosting stability and reducing operator fatigue.

    In addition to all of this we also sell the essentials required to get the most out of your saw, including spare chains and oil mixing bottles. Of particular note among these sundries are the additional battery packs designed for our cordless chainsaws. With a spare set of batteries to hand you can set one set charging while the other is in use, thereby ensuring that you can work for longer without interruption. Husqvarna’s cordless saws can even be used with their hi-tech battery backpacks, which are designed to enable all-day use on a single charge while also making the saw lighter and even easier to handle. So whether you are a private user or an experienced professional, our chainsaw accessories will help you stay safe and achieve great cutting results every time.