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    There are many different kinds of chainsaw on the market these days, each of which offers its own distinct advantages. Petrol powered tools, for example, offer plenty of clout and the freedom to work wherever the job takes you, though less experienced users often find such machines difficult to operate, especially when it comes to fuel mixing and general maintenance. Corded electric saws, on the other hand, deliver unbeatable ease of use but are restricted by the length of their power cables, making them unsuitable for working in areas without access to a mains power source. Until recently this seemed an intractable compromise, but the perfect answer may now be available in the shape of the cordless chainsaw.

    Utilising hi-tech lithium ion battery technology in combination with modern lightweight materials, the development of cordless chainsaws means that it is now possible to chop logs and carry out domestic maintenance duties with a fuss-free saw without being tied down by cables. These machines offer the mobility and power of a petrol machine along with the fume-free, low maintenance performance of an electric saw. Cordless saw users thus gain the freedom to work in larger gardens and other areas without either requiring access to a power source or having to stop and refuel, which is ideal for those working in a domestic or agricultural setting.

    Most cordless saws are a cut above their corded equivalents, capable of everything from chopping logs for firewood to pruning and lopping overgrown tree branches. This makes them suitable for both domestic use and more demanding applications, such as carpentry and estate management work. Due to recent enhancements of existing technology there are now even battery powered chainsaws suitable for heavy duty commercial cutting. A handy tip for anyone taking on this kind of challenging work is to invest in a spare set of batteries so one can be charged while the other is in use, thereby ensuring you can work without interruption for as long as the job takes. Alternatively, you could purchase one of our long-lasting battery backpacks, providing enough run time to tackle even heavy workloads.

    Whatever the task at hand, however, you will need to make sure you are properly protected. This is why we also sell a complete range of chainsaw safety clothing and accessories, including everything from sturdy boots, gloves and goggles to lightweight forestry helmets. And for more advice on buying and using a small battery chainsaw head on over to our free advice page, or feel free to contact our sales team if you have specific questions.