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    For many, chainsaws are synonymous with the chugging noise of a two-stroke engine, roaring like a wounded beast as they cut through tree branches and logs. These days, however, there are plenty of alternatives for those who prefer something a little more user-friendly when faced with challenging cutting work. Thus, if you like to prepare your own firewood for the winter and appreciate convenience and ease of operation, or if you need to conduct basic tree maintenance such as lopping and pruning in a smaller garden, an electric chainsaw is an excellent choice.

    Electric saws are by far the easiest chainsaws to use due to not requiring a petrol/oil mix, along with their simplified, easy-starting design. The only regular maintenance necessary on an electric saw is to keep the cutting chain sharp, using a chainsaw file to ensure top performance and prolonged motor life. As these machines are entirely dependent on mains electricity, electric chainsaws are also generally quieter running that their petrol equivalents, while the lack of exhaust fumes means you can cut for longer in comfort. On top of all of this modern electric chainsaws are incredibly powerful considering their lightweight build and ease of handling, happily cutting through almost any type of timber that domestic users are likely to encounter.

    The main limitation of an electric chainsaw is the need to stay close to a power source, with your range of operation restricted by cable length. Those with larger gardens may therefore require a battery powered cordless saw, offering the same fume-free cutting performance but with a little extra mobility. Heavy duty cutting work, meanwhile, will probably demand the extra power of a larger petrol saw. But for anyone simply stocking up the log pile or trimming overgrown trees in the back garden a corded electric saw will get the job done nicely, without any of the extra hassle or expense that comes with a more complicated petrol or cordless machine.

    An electric saw therefore offers the ultimate combination of power, performance and convenience and despite their relatively lightweight design these nippy little machines have plenty of bite. As such you should make sure to check out our chainsaw safety clothing and accessories page so that you’ll be properly protected while you use your saw, allowing you to get the most out of your machine while also guarding against accidents.

    If you need any more advice about buying or using an electric chainsaw please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales team.