Husqvarna Chainsaws


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Husqvarna have long been one of the world’s most highly-regarded brands for chainsaws and their associated equipment. Its product range accommodates for all budgets without ever compromising on quality and are suitable for both domestic and commercial users.

Chainsaws are potentially dangerous items, especially in inexperienced hands, and safety should always be priority. The Husqvarna range of safety clothing and products are designed specifically for professional use, but are suitable for every level of experience. Some equipment is indispensable, which is why the Chainsaw Safety Clothing Protective Kit includes chaps, gloves and a helmet to ensure complete safety and comfort during tough commercial cutting work.

As well as sturdy equipment to keep you as safe as possible, Husqvarna also produce chainsaws such as the Husqvarna 420 EL Electric Chainsaw, ergonomically designed and exceptionally easy to use. For something a little more heavy-duty, try the Husqvarna 550XPG on for size. Featuring the most powerful engine in any Husqvarna chainsaw, this powerful petrol machine delivers an enormous maximum power output of 6.2kW.

Make sure you use your chainsaw safely and read our free advice article when you have a spare moment.