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For decades now the chainsaw has been a symbol everything rugged and outdoorsy, making it essentially the mechanical equivalent of a burly lumberjack with a massive beard. More importantly, however, chainsaws have long been essential tools for farmers and forestry workers. In these occupations the need for a powerful wood cutting device makes the chainsaw invaluable, replacing old-fashioned, time consuming and labour intensive methods such as using bow saws and band saws when preparing large amounts of timber.

More recently there have been great leaps in technological know-how which have reduced the size and weight of existing professional and agricultural chainsaws, so now there are machines suitable even for domestic use. These user-friendly saws are ideal for anyone whose garden contains large amounts of woody vegetation which needs pruning, or simply if you need a quick and efficient way of cutting logs for firewood. The right chainsaw for you will therefore depend heavily on its intended application.

Most homeowners will find that an electric chainsaw suffices for domestic cutting work, with a variety of corded and cordless models available. Corded saws are best for when working in an area with easy access to a power source, such as when cutting firewood near the house. Those with larger gardens may prefer a battery powered saw, which offers exceptional mobility when pruning trees in orchards and in other areas far from a mains outlet. Due to recent improvements in battery technology there are now even electric saws suitable for professional use, offering commercial contractors a brilliantly quiet running and fume-free alternative to traditional petrol machines.

Modern petrol chainsaws, however, are cleverly designed to be easy to start and extremely comfortable to handle, so private users will find smaller models ideal for challenging property maintenance. And when it comes to the toughest cutting work there is still nothing which can compete with our heavy duty professional petrol chainsaws, with many boasting engine sizes in excess of 50cc. In addition to our rear handle machines we also sell a range of top handle saws suitable for tree surgery, so whatever your professional needs we have you covered.

Bear in mind that chainsaws are potentially dangerous, especially in inexperienced hands, and safety should always be your top priority. When buying a chainsaw you should therefore ensure that you also purchase appropriate chainsaw safety clothing and accessories, and remember to check our chainsaw safety guide before you start working.

You must be over 18 to purchase a chainsaw.

Chainsaw FAQs

Is a chainsaw worth buying?

Yes. Chainsaws are far more efficient than man-powered saws, and are perfect for those looking to landscape gardens or larger properties that require trimming bushes and trees, cutting down trees, and cutting firewood. There are, of course, a few things to consider when buying a chainsaw. For example, if you require freedom of movement and need to cover large areas of land, then a petrol chainsaw would be most suitable. They are powerful. They can, however, be quite loud and release emissions. If you are wary of disturbing neighbours or want to minimise air pollution, then an electric chainsaw or a battery-powered chainsaw is your best bet.

What is the best chainsaw for a homeowner?

Chainsaws come in electric (corded), battery-powered (cordless), or petrol (cordless) options. Electric chainsaws tend to be the most suitable option for homeowners as they are versatile, non-polluting, and don’t make too much of a noise. However, if you don’t have easy access to a mains outlet, then a battery-powered chainsaw can be quite convenient. Petrol chainsaws are the most powerful option and are ideal for larger properties or demanding work, though they can be a bit more expensive.