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Despite the increase in the number of electric machines on the market, chainsaws remain synonymous with the roar of a two-stroke engine and petrol saws remain the best tool around when it comes to tackling heavy duty cutting jobs. As such these powerful machines have long been the preference of professionals and frequent domestic users, with the cutting performance of a petrol saw making short work of even large logs. Compared to their electric equivalents these machines therefore offer far more in the way of sheer cutting power and freedom to roam, so anyone taking on intensive cutting work in large gardens or other open areas will find their lives made much simpler by investing in a traditional petrol chainsaw.

Most saws use a powerful two-stroke engine to drive the cutting equipment, with many models capable of accommodating a range of bar and chain combinations so that your can tailor your tool to the job. Smaller models are ideal for domestic cutting work such as chopping firewood or pruning trees in large gardens, with lightweight, ergonomic designs helping to ensure that even inexperienced users can achieve great results. These start out at around 30cc in terms of engine size, though those intending to take on more demanding applications (such as maintaining an orchard) may want to invest in something with a little more clout to ensure efficient cutting.

Professional users, meanwhile, will appreciate the extensive range of specialist saws that we stock. This includes some real beasts, with engine sizes reaching in excess of 80cc and some saws capable of being fitted with extra long bars and chains. These heavy duty machines are ideal for felling, bucking and snedding even large trees, so they provide a perfect tool for commercial forestry work. We also stock a number of top handle chainsaws which are particularly lightweight and easy to manoeuvre, both of which are vital qualities for professional tree surgeons when cutting at a height.

If you’re not used to using a chainsaw, however, bear in mind that these tools are bigger, heavier and more powerful than their electric equivalents. This means that they can be tricky to use and often require more maintenance, so inexperienced users might be better off with an electric model. Nevertheless, whichever type of saw you are using make sure to check out our extensive range of protective chainsaw clothing and accessories so that you have everything you need to work in complete safety and give our free chainsaw advice page a look if you need to know more before making a purchase.