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    Best reserved for the experienced user, our heavy duty petrol chainsaw range is comprised of machines manufactured to be tough, powerful and capable of performing in even the most hostile working environments. Compared to domestic petrol chainsaws, these are the kind of saws often found on farms and large estates, where challenging cutting work is never far away, whether clearing a fallen tree or preparing fence posts. These saws are also commonly utilised for commercial forestry work, with specialised saws ideal for pruning tough tree branches, cutting large logs and even felling trees. In other words, if you’re looking for a saw with plenty of bite, you’ve definitely come to the right place.

    Our range includes saws of all sizes, with the correct machine for you depending on its intended application. For general maintenance and pruning work around large farms and estates your best choice will be to stick to the lighter end of the heavy duty chainsaw scale, with an engine up to 50cc in size providing more than enough power for the majority of tasks yet ensuring that the saw remains light enough to stay manoeuvrable. This will allow you to move from site to site as the job requires while still cutting with pleasing efficiency, saving significant time and effort when faced with demanding workloads.

    Chainsaws with an engine size of more than 50cc, meanwhile, are typically saved for the most challenging cutting work. These machines are heavier and trickier to handle due to their size, so they should only be used when cutting the largest logs or when you need to quickly process very large quantities of wood. Many of these saws also accept different bar and chain combinations depending on the application at hand, so if you expect to be taking on varied cutting work it might be worth checking whether your saw will accommodate cutting equipment to suit the job at hand.

    Heavy duty petrol chainsaws are built using high quality components and durable materials to help them withstand the rigours of professional use, so they should all offer many years of dependable performance. Some also feature time-saving ergonomic features such as quick-starting mechanisms, while comfortable handles and anti-vibration systems help to prevent strain over prolonged periods of operation. Whichever saw you choose to purchase, however, remember to check out our extensive range of protective chainsaw clothing and accessories for everything you need to stay safe while taking on heavy duty cutting work.