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    Lumberjacks seem to feature prominently in folklore and fairytales, though most of the time they’re too busy rescuing girls from grandma-imitating wolves to get any real forestry work done. In reality, meanwhile, professional woodcutting work involves long hours exposed to the elements, whether rain or shine, felling, snedding and bucking trees and large logs, with nary a Big Bad Wolf or fearsome critter to be seen. Overall, then, it’s a less gory life than made out in the fairytales but one which nevertheless involves a lot of hard work. As such the forester’s best friend is his or her chainsaw, with commercial grade logging saws being by far the most powerful available on the market today.

    The machines in our range certainly fit this description, as our professional and commercial chainsaws feature heavy duty two-stroke engines and potent cutting equipment designed to make short work of even the most demanding forestry tasks. Engine capacities for these machines start at around the 60cc mark, though many machines feature engines in excess of 80cc, which provides more than enough clout to fell fairly sizeable trees. Nor are these engines the old-fashioned, hasslesome, fume-belching beasts of the past; modern innovations such as quick-start systems and combustion optimisation mean that even the most powerful commercial chainsaws are now user-friendly and suitable for prolonged periods of operation.

    Unlike our domestic chainsaws, the bigger engines utilised by our professional forestry chainsaws mean that these machines can also accommodate longer guide bars and chains than saws aimed at the domestic market, which is a necessity when felling larger trees (with the maximum cutting diameter determined by the cutting equipment being used). Many commercial saws can even be equipped with alternate bars and chains depending on the situation at hand, offering valuable versatility if faced with varied cutting work. Furthermore, with features such as bumper spikes, ergonomic handles, anti-vibration systems and easy-access chain tensioners all commonly available on these machines, arboriculture has never been quite so simple.

    Nevertheless, these chainsaws are serious pieces of equipment designed for professional applications, so they should only be used by experienced operators. You will also want to ensure that you are properly equipped before you set to work with one of these powerful saws, so it’s worth perusing our extensive range of chainsaw accessories and protective work wear. Therein you will find helmets, leg wear, jackets, gloves and boots (among other accoutrements) certified to the EN381 series of standards and designed specifically to keep you safe while you work. And once properly attired and armed with one of these commercial-grade saws, not even fairytale beasties will be able to stop you from going about your working day!