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Hedgetrimmers are principally designed to save time and effort while maintaining your garden, allowing you more opportunity to relax and enjoy the simpler things in life (like gazing at a beautifully manicured hedgerow with a cold drink in hand). They do this by offering a quick and effective method of trimming dense hedges, shrubs and bushes, producing a crisp finish which can transform even the humblest backyard into a luxurious little Eden for all to enjoy. Likewise, landscaping professionals and busy contractors worldwide depend on the cutting power of hedgetrimmers to produce high quality results on formal hedgerows quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time and effort compared to manual trimming.

However, choosing the right hedgetrimmer can be a bit tricky, especially as many people don’t put too much thought into purchasing something that may only be used once or twice a year (despite the vast range of different models available on the market nowadays). It is therefore understandable that most people don’t know what style or size of hedgetrimmer will best suit their needs or whether they should buy a petrol, electric or cordless machine. Here at Lawnmowers Direct we like to be helpful though, so hopefully we can offer a little bit of guidance in this regard (and if you need more help feel free to get in touch with our sales team).

Most domestic gardeners will not have to cope with the demands of maintaining extensive hedgerows, so a hedgetrimmer with double-sided reciprocating blades will most often offer the best results (it is this style that we usually think of when referring to a hedgetrimmer). The blades on your machine will need only be about 50cm long to cover most domestic duties and the engine or motor does not need to be particularly heavy or powerful, which as a bonus will keep the weight down and improve manoeuvrability. A great alternative to a petrol machine for many urban homeowners will be to invest in one of the various electric and battery hedgetrimmers now available, ensuring quiet and effective hedge cutting perfect for occasional users.

Petrol machines, on the other hand, are typically the best choice when taking on heavier workloads or when using your hedgetrimmer for frequent commercial cutting work. Professional users and homeowners faced with trimming at a height may also want to investigate the long-reach trimmers and pruners available in our range, making it easy to tackle tall hedgerows and prune overgrown trees from a safe standing position. Whatever it is that you need to trim, however, there is guaranteed to be something in our range perfect for the job.

Hedgetrimmer FAQs

What is the difference between a hedge cutter and a hedge trimmer?

There is no difference between a hedge cutter and a hedge trimmer. The names are used interchangeably for gardening tools that can cut, trim, and prune hedges. However, some manufacturers choose to market their hedge cutters as more suitable for cutting hedges, and their hedge trimmers as more suitable for trimming and pruning hedges. Electric, battery-operated, and petrol hedge trimmers offer different power capabilities.

Is a hedge trimmer worth it?

If there are hedges on your property, then yes, absolutely. Just as you need a lawnmower to mow grass and keep it at a manageable height, you need a hedge trimmer to cut and trim your hedges and prevent them from growing too high or wide. With a good hedge trimmer, you can not only cut your hedges but trim it in an aesthetically pleasing manner.

What is the most powerful hedge trimmer?

There are plenty of powerful hedge trimmers, some of which include Husqvarna’s 522HDR75X, powered by 23.6cc 2-stroke engines, and Honda’s HHH25D75E, powered by 25cc 4-stroke mini engines.