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    In terms of both the results delivered by these machines and the run time afforded by their modern rechargeable lithium ion batteries, today’s cordless hedgetrimmers are almost unrecognisable from tools of the past. These older tools were known for being underpowered and for running out of charge at inconvenient moments. But the combination of extremely ergonomic designs and low-weight materials makes modern cordless battery powered hedgetrimmers a must have item for any discerning gardener, with their low-noise, fume-free performance especially handy for those living or working in built up residential and urban areas.

    This is because growth in demand for quieter, cleaner running alternatives has resulted in vast improvements in the technology, so the past reputation of battery powered garden machinery as substantially inferior to petrol powered equipment is now obsolete. Ultra-sharp cutting blades and powerful rechargeable batteries mean that modern cordless trimmers deliver consistently excellent results, producing a crisp finish on hedgerows, bushes and shrubs. And while you will need to charge the battery when it runs down, having a spare battery to hand so that you can work while the other charges means that you can keep working for longer without interruption. As such even fairly extensive hedgerows can now be effectively maintained with battery powered equipment.

    Another great advantage of battery powered trimmers compared to more conventional electrical models is the lack of a power cable, which improves safety by eliminating the chance of cutting through the cord while you work. Nor is there any need to remain close to a power source in order to use a cordless hedgetrimmer, so you are freed to work in any part of your garden. Cordless hedgetrimmers thus offer portability and cutting performance comparable to petrol machines, but without the noise or chemical pollution associated with old fashioned two-stroke engines. Cordless hedgetrimmers also tend to be lighter and better balanced than petrol machines due to the simplicity of their design, making them much more accessible and easier to handle than heavier equipment, even for relatively inexperienced users.

    Nowadays many gardeners therefore find these machines more convenient than their petrol or corded electric equivalents. And while many cordless hedgetrimmers are better suited to domestic use and lighter hedges and shrubs, there are now even battery powered hedgetrimmers with enough clout to tackle demanding commercial trimming work. Homeowners and professionals alike will therefore find the convenience and user-friendly performance of these quiet, clean and portable hedgetrimmers a revelation compared to older technologies. In other words; the future is here and its battery powered.