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    For many years now the electric hedgetrimmer has been used to service gardens of all shapes and sizes, gaining in popularity over noisier petrol hedgetrimmers due to their user-friendly performance and ease of maintenance. As technology has improved many of these electric trimmers have even become capable of outperforming inferior petrol alternatives, producing a tidier finish and causing less fatigue to the operator due to their remarkably lightweight design. Any domestic gardener would therefore be well advised to invest in one of these machines, especially if maintaining hedgerows, shrubs and bushes in the garden has become an arduous and time-consuming task.

    Being able to plug directly into the mains electricity offers a number of advantages to users of electric hedgetrimmers, especially for those working in a built up urban or residential settings. First and foremost is that these machines are much quieter and cleaner running than any petrol burning hedgetrimmer, allowing you to tend formal hedgerows in urban gardens without infuriating those around you or choking on unpleasant exhaust fumes. Being electric also eliminates the hassle and expense of refuelling, so you can set straight to work and keep going until you’re done without having to keep a close eye on fuel levels. Traditional electric machines even have an advantage over cordless hedgetrimmers in this respect, as you’ll never have to stop to recharge your batteries at an inconvenient moment.

    Typically considered most suitable for use in small to medium domestic gardens due to the need for access to a power source, the best hedgetrimmer for you will depend on the application for which it is needed. If you only cut your hedges infrequently, a medium sized electric machine will be perfectly adequate for the job. These lightweight machines are designed with convenience as a priority, allowing even the least experienced user to quickly achieve a great looking finish on hedges and other vegetation. If you cut your hedges regularly and have a lot of work to do, however, a more powerful model may be necessary; built with stronger motors and more durable materials, these high quality electric hedgetrimmers are capable of cutting denser material, working for longer and producing superb results in any garden.

    Those with larger gardens or commercial users may require a petrol or cordless machine purely for the sake of the portability these provide, but thanks to ever-improving motor technology and powerful reciprocating blades electric hedgetrimmers now offer even the most serious home gardeners a viable alternative to traditional petrol devices.