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Hedgetrimmers and pole pruners are essential parts of any dedicated gardener’s tool set, delivering excellent results quickly, safely and efficiently when trimming and pruning hedgerows, bushy shrubs and other tough vegetation around gardens, farmland and parks. One of the important ways in which they achieve this is by keeping things simple, with most models designed which keep weight low and to optimise performance by channelling the machine’s power directly into the cutting system. It is therefore relatively unusual to find attachments and accessories for hedgetrimmers and pole pruners, but those which do exist help to ensure that you get the very most from your machine every time.

The most common accessories for hedgetrimmers and pruners are, in fact, hedgetrimmers and pruners; i.e., alternative cutting heads designed to boost the versatility of existing tools. Compatible hedgetrimmers can therefore be equipped with a bar and chain ideal for cutting through woody stems and smaller tree branches, while compatible pruners can be customised for use as hedgetrimmers when dealing with dense foliage and formal hedgerows. This potential for versatility eliminates the need to purchase and store separate tools for separate jobs and helps to ensure user convenience, while commercial users will equally appreciate not having to lug two pieces of equipment to every job.

Another extra ideal for professional users and those with larger gardens are the additional batteries that we sell for some of our cordless hedgetrimmers. These hi-tech lithium ion batteries are the power source which allows modern cordless hedgetrimmers to compete with their petrol and corded equivalents, offering the portability and power of a petrol machine along with the fume-free, low-noise performance of an electric trimmer. With a spare battery to hand, moreover, you can set one charging while the other is in use, allowing you to work for longer without interruption. If faced with the prospect of tackling heavier workloads with a cordless machine, an extra battery will therefore be an essential purchase.

Equally as handy are the deflector attachments with which some single-bladed hedgetrimmers can be equipped. These fix to the non-cutting side of your hedgetrimmer and collect and remove foliage as you cut, which helps to ensure that you can work unimpeded at all times and prevents the blade from becoming tangled up in dense vegetation. All of these accessories thus aim to make tough trimming and pruning work as easy as possible while delivering quality results every time, thereby allowing you to get more out of your existing hedgetrimmer or pole pruner.