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    The problem with hedges, bushes and trees is that they have a tendency to just keep growing no matter how inconvenient this might be for the individual charged with maintaining them. This is why long reach hedgetrimmers and pole pruners are indispensable tools for any gardener with hedges or trees that require trimming at head height or above. Perfect for tackling dense foliage that would usually beyond reach without a ladder, these tools can therefore save significant time and energy around the garden while also keeping you safe.

    With a standard handheld hedge cutter, for example, you have no option but to reach above your head to cut tall hedgerows, which is extremely tiring and may increase the likelihood of suffering an accident. Moreover, if your hedges are eight feet tall or more you may find yourself perched precariously on top of a ladder while trying to reach the top growth, which is hardly an ideal working situation. With a long reach hedgetrimmer, however, you can keep your feet planted firmly on the ground whilst you work.

    A powerful hedgetrimmer mounted on an extended handle to permit cutting at heights, the extra reach offered by a long reach hedgetrimmer is equally handy for trimming at ground level as it eliminates the need to bend down (which is definitely handy for those who suffer from a bad back). Pole pruners, meanwhile, feature a mini-chainsaw blade to enable cutting of tree branches and other woody vegetation. The enviable performance of these machines is founded on the use of incredibly sharp blades which are specifically designed to make light work of tough yearly growth, thus ensuring a crisp finish and satisfying ease of operation. These lightweight devices are also designed to be nicely balanced for added manoeuvrability, thereby ensuring accuracy of cut and preventing strain during prolonged periods of use.

    Most hedgetrimmers are powered by hardworking two-stroke engines, though electric models are also available. The machines in our range tend to feature double-sided reciprocating blades around 50cm long, with many allowing you to adjust the cutting angle to ensure comfortable and convenient use while maintaining even the trickiest parts of hedgerows and tall bushes. Our pole pruners, meanwhile, are equipped with potent bar and chains which tend to offer a cutting length of around 25cm for an optimal compromise between power and manoeuvrability. So whatever the nature of the vegetation in your garden, whether tall hedgerows or just the odd tree in desperate need of occasional pruning, professionals and enthusiastic amateur horticulturalists alike will fine trimming at heights much simpler with one of these tools by their side.