Lawnmowers For Large Gardens

Shop the full range of lawnmowers for large gardens available at Lawnmowers Direct here. We stock a wide range of lawnmowers suitable for big gardens from leading brands including Honda, Atco and Husqvarna.


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    If you have a large garden (over a tennis court in size), you will benefit greatly from purchasing a lawn mower which is designed for larger gardens. Lawnmowers for large spaces usually have a cutting width of 53-56cm.

    Lawnmowers for large gardens are usually bulky petrol powered machines which are self-propelled. If you have ornaments or detailed areas to negotiate in your garden, then buy a machine with speed control to enable you to easily adjust your pace to the conditions in front of you. 

    The grass bags of these mowers are large to accommodate the extra grass clippings that are produced, and you may find that if you have mixed types of grass (as large gardens often do) a 4 wheel rotary mower will be your first choice due to its ability to adapt to differing conditions. However, if your grass is uniform and the lawn area is free of obstacles, a large rear roller lawnmower will be an excellent choice, especially if you like the idea of stripes on your lawn.

    Browse our full range of lawnmowers for large gardens here and order online for free UK delivery. For more help selecting the right lawn mower for your needs, read our lawnmower buying guides,  lawn mower size guide or get in touch with one of our lawn mower experts.