Lawnmowers For Medium Gardens

Shop the full range of lawnmowers for medium gardens available at Lawnmowers Direct here. We stock lawnmowers suitable for medium-sized gardens from leading brands including Honda, Husqvarna, Hayter and Toro.


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    Many gardens fall into the category of medium in size – where the area of grass coverage is approximately the same as that of a tennis court. These gardens are too large for the smaller lawnmowers, but a larger mower also isn’t necessary. 

    Medium gardens are better suited to mowers that have a cutting width of 46-51cm. The most suitable lawnmowers for medium gardens are all petrol powered machines that have the flexibility necessary to cover such areas, with the choice of 4 wheel rotary, rear roller rotary or hover mowers all suitable depending upon your grass conditions. 

    For grass areas of this size, you may consider buying a push lawnmower. As long as there are not too many undulations or slopes to navigate, this will be fine. If your garden is not particularly flat, a self-propelled lawnmower will probably be necessary, as it will make the task of mowing easier when the terrain starts to work against you.

    Browse our full range of lawnmowers for medium gardens here and order online for free UK delivery. For more help selecting the right lawn mower for your needs, read our lawnmower buying guides,  lawn mower size guide or get in touch with one of our lawn mower experts.