Lawnmowers For Small Gardens

Small, lightweight lawnmowers are often the best choice for people with small gardens. A small garden is generally defined as being no greater than the size of half a tennis court, with little room for turning a heavy machine. If you are unsure whether your garden is small or medium-sized, there are many lightweight lawnmowers that can handle both successfully.

Smaller lawnmowers with a cutting width of between 35cm and 43cm will usually offer enough manoeuvrability to get around detailed features and ornaments, like trees and flower pots, without doing any damage. These lightweight lawnmowers are also easy to move from the shed to the garden and back again — making lawn-mowing a quick and easy task you can enjoy and take satisfaction in, rather than doing begrudgingly.

When choosing a lightweight lawnmower for a small garden, it’s worth considering whether or not you could use an electric mower. These are generally much lighter than the petrol equivalents, making them much easier to move and requiring less maintenance throughout the year.

If your budget will allow it, you may like to invest instead in a small cordless lawnmower that offers the convenience and freedom of a petrol machine combined with the lightweight characteristics of an electric mower, providing you with the best of both worlds. Small electric hover mowers are also very popular in small gardens. Providing you don’t let the grass grow too long between cuts, a hand propelled cylinder mower is also worth considering.

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