Cordless Lawnmowers

Thought cordless lawnmowers weren’t worth looking at? It might be time to think again. Over recent years, the technological advances in battery performance have transformed the way in which rechargeable mowers are able to function. Now, cordless lawnmowers are highly desirable tools, with quick charge times and long battery life, requiring little effort both in terms of use and of maintenance. In fact, the cordless garden tool market is growing in popularity year on year, which means manufacturers are battling among themselves to provide the best possible solution for users at competitive pricing.

In the past, rechargeable cordless mowers were considered to be inferior machines to their petrol or electric counterparts, and both heavy and cumbersome. This was chiefly down to the lead acid batteries used in the machines – modified car batteries with all of the inherent maintenance problems associated with them. Thankfully, the days of heavy, leaking batteries are in the distant past with the advent of lithium-ion technology. These new batteries (often referred to as Li-ion for brevity) are transforming the way we can operate garden machinery, and in particular, lawnmowers — making them light-weight, manoeuvrable and able to work continuously when more than one battery is in use.

For more complex gardens, the wires of an electric lawnmower may well get snagged on shrubbery, or the cable simply won’t be long enough to cope with the shape of your lawn. These machines are much easier for mowing both front and back gardens without easily accessible power supplies. The cordless rotary mower offers complete freedom of a petrol rotary lawnmower as well as all the benefits you would expect with a corded electric option – the freedom to mow without a power source. These environmentally friendly machines are quiet, lightweight, and easy to store and maintain making them perfect for anyone who wants to keep mowing the lawn simple.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cordless rotary mower?

A rotary lawn mower has one very high speed rotating cutting blade underneath. Cordless rotary mowers have a rechargeable battery, removing the need for them to be connected to a dedicated power source.

Can a rotary mower make lawn stripes?

Rotary mowers can make a striped lawn only when they have an attached rear roller.

How long does a cordless mower last?

A good quality and well-maintained mower should last 8-10 years. The battery for a cordless mower should last around five years, and can easily be replaced.

Is a cordless lawn mower powerful enough for my lawn?

Cordless lawn mower technology has advanced significantly in recent years, and there are models out there suitable for larger or more difficult lawns. The issue with larger gardens and cordless mowers is that their batteries require charging, which can take some time.