Electric Lawnmowers

Electric lawnmowers are highly popular machines that serve the needs of homeowners with small gardens or those that no longer feel a petrol lawnmower is necessary. Electric lawnmowers are extremely cost-effective, with many quality options available for £250 or less. They are easy to use machines due to their low weight and simple design characteristics. Favoured by many gardeners that are keen to approach their gardening with environmental concerns in mind, they produce no emissions and are as simple to use as the vacuum cleaners we use inside our homes. Another distinct advantage of these machines is their low running noise, making them particularly suitable in built-up areas or complexes where noise is not welcome e.g. schools and hospitals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose an electric lawnmower?

Electric lawnmowers tend to be smaller and lighter than their petrol counterparts. They also tend to require less maintenance. Electric mowers are best suited to small and medium-sized gardens.

Can I cut wet grass with an electric lawnmower?

It is generally best to cut grass when it is dry. This applies to all lawnmowers. Cutting wet grass while using an extension cord is obviously dangerous. However, if your lawnmower is not plugged it can be used safely on damp grass.

How much electricity does an electric lawn mower use?

A corded electric mower will typically use between 700 and 1800 watts of electricity per hour. Cordless electric mowers will use less power.

How long do electric lawn mower batteries last?

Different models of electric lawn mower will have varying run times, but as a rough guide almost all will be able to run continuously for between 30 and and 90 minutes.