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    Ideally suited to small sized gardens that have a readily available mains power supply, electric cylinder lawnmowers will work in precisely the same way as their petrol cousins to provide a smooth, elegant finish. We recommend checking the length of the provided power chord before purchasing one of our electric cylinder mowers, especially if your nearest outlet is some distance from your lawn.

    With its scissor-style cutting action, an electric cylinder mower will deliver an immaculate striped finish to fine lawns, even if you are relatively new to gardening. As with any cylinder mower, it is advisable to check your lawn for stones and fallen branches before mowing. These small obstacles can damage your lawnmower blades, meaning more repairs and a less than perfect cut.

    Electric cylinder mowers are ideal for a neat finish, providing you are prepared to mow your lawn on a regular basis. For gardeners who are less concerned about finish and don’t have time for regular lawn maintenance, a rotary mower will get the job done quickly and will mean that you are not required to mow your lawn as frequently.