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    Due to its lightweight design and easy-to-use controls, the electric hover mower is a firm favourite among households throughout the UK. Evolved from the heavier petrol hover mower design, the hover lawnmower is very well suited to small gardens with slopes, uneven areas and banking. Where a conventional wheeled mower would struggle, the hover lawnmower will triumph.

    Electric hover mowers leave a neat, tidy finish to your lawn, providing you carry out regular upkeep and refrain from letting the grass grow too long. If quick and easy mowing is what you are looking for in a machine, you can’t go wrong with an electric hover mower, whatever size garden you have. We sell a range of electric hover mowers designed to suit lawns of all types, and they are all a pleasure to use, even for extended periods of time. The lightweight, ergonomic design of the hover lawnmower means less strain on your upper body as you mow the lawn.

    Many of the newer models of electric hover mower also come with a built-in collection box, so that all grass clippings are collected and not left on your lawn to suffocate the grass. This is an extremely handy feature for the efficient gardener who likes to save time, or finds the post-mowing grass collection a tedious chore. If you don’t mind a few stray clippings, try mulching the grass rather than collecting it. This will help your lawn to retain moisture in dryer weather and establish deep roots for lasting health.