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    A favourite machine of many households up and down the country, the electric rotary lawnmower has proven itself in many different guises over the years. The designs of today’s electric rotary mowers have come a long way from early cumbersome designs, and are now very refined and easy to use.

    As technology has improved, cordless and electric lawnmowers have become a much more attractive option for a number of gardeners. Other than the obvious difference between corded and cordless machines, the main sticking point for many is the additional cost you will need to bear should you opt for a battery operated machine. If you would prefer not to stretch to the expense of a cordless lawnmower, one of our electric rotary mowers is an excellent compromise. Offering very similar performance to their more expensive cousins, your only concern is the length of cable that you need to reach the furthest part of your garden. We advise measuring the distance from your power point to the furthest end of your lawn before deciding on which model to buy as cord length will vary from brand to brand. It’s also possible to buy extension cables for use outdoors to give you more freedom with an electric lawnmower.

    As well as performance, safety has also been vastly improved in modern electric rotary mowers, with circuit breakers preventing injury should the power cord be damaged whilst you are mowing, and, with some machines, cable guides that will keep the cord away from the path of the mower. It is still of course advisable that you take care whilst mowing, but the risk is much reduced.

    Electric rotary mowers are ideal machines for gardeners with small to medium-size gardens. If you need a manoeuvrable, emission-free lawnmower but aren’t ready to invest in a cordless machine, an electric rotary lawnmower is a very wise choice.