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    Made in Britain and favoured by Her Majesty, you would expect nothing but the finest quality from a Hayter electric lawnmower. Unlike many electric models, the Hayter range is capable of creating a beautifully striped lawn in any size of garden due to its rear roller design.

    Hayter’s two different electric lawnmowers both have a rear roller system so you can get your desired finish. The smaller mower, Envoy, has a cutting width of 36cm while its largest sibling, Spirit, enjoys an impressive 41cm cutting width.

    The Envoy is suitable for lawns up to half the size of a tennis court. As the Envoy is powered by an electric motor, as long as you have a plug socket available to you in your garden, you can simply plug it into the mains and mow for as long as you require, without worrying about running out of fuel.

    The Spirit rear roller push mower makes light work of smaller lawns. This lawn mower may be light, but it is still powerful, combining excellent manoeuvrability and performance with ease and convenience of use. The Spirit features a full width ribbed rear roller to create crisp, striped results, front fins for enhanced cutting and grass collection, as well as being environmentally friendly.