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    Flymo offer innovative, industry-leading products to ensure your lawn is kept looking its best. From their robotic lawnmowers to their unique electric hover mowers, you will be sure to find a product suited to your garden needs.

    If you’re short of time or find mowing the lawn a chore, why not invest in a robot or ‘auto’ mower. With lawn technology advancing in recent years, the Flymo 1200R robotic lawnmower is able to effortlessly mow your lawn for you, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your garden. This robotic mower is designed to be as safe and secure as possible, with collision sensors to help the robot avoid obstacles, as well as lift and tilt sensors set to disable the cutting blades should anyone pick the mower up.

    Flymo designed the world’s first ever hover lawnmower. Over 50 years later, they have a range of hover mowers that cater to all types of garden, along with a wide selection of replacement blades.

    Browse our full range of Flymo lawnmowers here and order online for free UK delivery. For more help selecting the right lawn mower for your needs, read our lawnmower buying guides,  lawn mower size guide or get in touch with one of our lawn mower experts.