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Shop the full range of ride on lawn mowers and garden tractors available at Lawnmowers Direct here. We carry the most powerful and efficient sit on mowers on the market, from leading brands including Honda, Westwood and Atco.


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Please Note: Delivery of garden tractors and ride on lawn mowers is available within a 50-mile radius of our head office at Ulting, Essex. Please call us on 01245 383565 for stock availability and dispatch times.

Garden tractors or ride on (occasionally also called “sit on”) lawn mowers are ideal for mowing larger gardens, paddocks and open spaces such as parks. If you’re a professional landscaper, groundskeeper or you have a garden that takes too long to maintain with a push lawn mower, a ride on lawn mower is probably the best option for you. Available in either a ‘rider’ style or a more traditional garden tractor design, ride on lawn mowers will reduce the time spent mowing your lawn, and make mowing a more comfortable and enjoyable experience. 

Ride on mowers can also be used for towing lawn aerator trailers, seed spreaders and utility trailers, reducing your workload and allowing you to take better care of your lawn. This large mower type is surprisingly fuel efficient, and their wide tyres are less likely to leave wheel marks than regular push mowers, whether you’re mowing on rough or smooth ground. Ride on mowers and garden tractors also allow you to mow a neater pattern into your lawn, make cornering easier and produce a better looking garden.

Small ride on mowers can be practical for smaller gardens too, as they can hold more grass than push mowers, reducing the number of stops necessary when mowing thick or damp grass and saving time. Ride on lawn mowers have much more momentum than push mowers, which makes getting through weeds or obstacles much easier. If you like to use your mower often, you’ll find a self-propelled ride on lawn mower or garden tractor well worth the cost, whether for simple mowing or serious garden work. Some models even come with cup holders and other accessories, allowing you to modify your machine until you feel it’s right for you. 

Browse our full range of ride on mowers and garden tractors from all the best brands here and order online for free UK delivery. For more help selecting the right lawn mower for your needs, read our lawnmower buying guides or get in touch with one of our lawn mower experts.