Hand Propelled Mowers

Lightweight and versatile, the hand-propelled cylinder lawnmower is a perfect choice for small lawns that have a well-conditioned, even surface. The nature of these machines and the accuracy of their cut can mean bumps and imperfections are highlighted, so these mowers are best reserved for the most level turf. While it’s possible to manage larger gardens with hand propelled mowers, you are likely to find it both time consuming and fairly physically exhausting.

Hand propelled cylinder mowers remain true to the very first lawnmower (1830’s Budding Patent), although cost of material and improved production methods have meant the chassis have become much lighter weight and therefore the physical action of mowing is now substantially easier.

If you’re not technically minded then a push mower might be the answer to all your gardening-related prayers. There are very few things to go wrong (who needs an engine?!), and hand-propelled mowers only require the most basic of servicing and maintenance to keep them running smoothly. Simply give it a bit of a clean, sharpen the blades and replace as needed, and oil the cylinder; your push mower is likely to last for decades. As you’re the only driving force you’ll be free of running costs and able to rejoice in the lack of oils and cables. There are also no emissions to worry about, making the push mower the most environmentally friendly option on the market.

As the name would suggest, hand-propelled mowers are propelled with your own energy, a geared mechanism rotating the cylinder blade at the turn of the wheels. Perfect for a quick workout after a day sitting at a desk, a push mower is often good fun to use and can be positively therapeutic. Do make sure that your grass has an even surface though, and don’t let it grow too long as the mowing can get tough when you’re the only power source!

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a cylinder mower work?

Cylinder mowers contain a cylinder with a number of blades that spiral around it. As the cylinder rotates the grass is forced between the spinning and fixed cutting blades. Cylinder mowers are only suited for cutting grass that is already fairly short.

How do you use a cylinder mower?

Use of a cylinder mower will depend on the make and model. All cylinder models have a rear roller, making them suitable for cutting striped patterns in your lawn.

How often should you mow your lawn with a cylinder mower?

During spring and autumn it is recommended that you mow at least every 3 to 5 days with a rotary mower, to avoid your grass getting too long for the mower to cut effectively. In dry summers, you should aim to mow once a week.

What is a hand propelled lawn mower?

A hand propelled lawnmower is one pushed and steered by the user, without any mechanical assistance.

Is a hand propelled cylinder mower right for my lawn?

A hand propelled cylinder mower will be suitable for your lawn if your grass is not too long, your lawn isn’t large and you cut your lawn roughly every 6-10 days.