Hayter Lawnmowers

Over 70 years of production, Hayter lawnmowers have gone from strength from strength, with an ever-increasing portfolio of lawn maintenance equipment that is used by both professionals and domestic gardeners.

With a choice of electric and petrol lawn mowers in a range of sizes, there is a Hayter lawn mower suitable for most gardens. The best mower for you depends on a number of factors, such as the size of lawn, the look you’re after and the complexity of your garden.

For a versatile, durable, and easy to use lawn mower, the Hayter Spirit 41 Push is a petrol rear roller mower, precision engineered to produce a fine striped finish on the surface of smaller lawns. A striped finish is something that can only be achieved by a rear roller, and Hayter’s range of these mowers have rollers at the back of the mower in place of wheels, to bend the blade slightly in different directions as you go up and down the lawn to create the perfect striped look.

If your garden is slightly larger, Hayter recommend their petrol mowers to allow for freedom of movement around the garden, as well as electric mowers suitable for those with smaller gardens and cords that reach each corner.