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    Cylinder mowers give one of the best finishes to your ornamental lawn that is possible, creating the stripped effect which is desired by many. This look might be more familiar on professional football pitches, bowling greens and cricket grounds, however they can also be created at home. The good news is that the effects aren’t actually particularly difficult to achieve; they simply require the right sort of lawnmower, and the right sort of grass coverage. While this makes the machines very popular, it tends to be the interchangeable cylinder mower accessories which really make these machines one of the best options for any sort of gardener.

    Allett cylinder mowers can be used with a series of interchangeable cartridges so you are able to aerate, scarify, dethatch, brush, verticut and trim your lawn all year round using just one machine. These accessories are incredibly quick and easy to swap with one another, meaning you won’t have to struggle to change the functionality of your machine as you may with some other multifunctional tools. Cylinder mower accessories give a lot more versatility to your lawnmower, allowing you to essentially own six machines in one. A huge benefit of this is that you will save space, time, initial cost and you won’t need to service a range of different engines to get the full grass treatment needed for an ornamental lawn. Each cartridge will need to be treated with care; with more blades to worry about you will almost certainly find a sharpening tool very useful.

    Remember that cylinder mower accessories and the mowers themselves are best used on a smooth lawn in good condition. The fine cut will highlight any imperfections, and so they’re not suitable for everyone. If these are your machine of choice though, purchasing additional cylinder mower accessories is an easy choice, as you will be able to cope with unwanted lateral growth as well as a build up of moss and thatch in no time, keeping your lawn at an enviably high quality.